For as long as I can remember, sport has been at the core of my life. With my parents getting me into rugby, hockey and cricket from a very young age, life for me has tended to revolve around physical activity. Indeed, every childhood holiday of mine was spent down in Cornwall surfing and swimming 24/7; it’s fair to say I am a bit of a cold-water addict…

With so much experience playing competitive sport at school, I developed a keen interest into the ins and outs of training, and how different types of training were able to elevate my performance, as well as benefit me in my everyday life. The extent to which I have reaped the benefits of exercise and physical activity made me want to dedicate my life’s work to helping others achieve their own fitness goals; from training to run a half marathon, to just being able to walk up and down the stairs without getting out of breath.

The benefits of exercise for myself don’t stop there, either. Having struggled with various mental health problems since childhood, physical activity has played the most central role in my recovery.

Experiencing how beneficial going to the gym, or hitting the roads for a run, has been on mental wellbeing has further ignited my passion for helping others through fitness!

I offer a wide range of different services, all in collective aid to your progress towards YOUR Health & Fitness Goals.

Personal Training

Fitness and Exercise is a complicated world. Whether you are appehensive about going onto the gym floor, or worried about injuring yourself while lifting weights, I can work with you to achieve your fitness goals by teaching you safe and effective exercise technique while enjoying every minute of it. Whether it’s in the gym, or outside in the fresh air, I will endeavour to push you to your boundaries in a safe and effective environment to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, I will write you a bespoke exercise programme that is tailored to you and your goals; regardless of where you are at in your fitness journey, I can give you a clear pathway to your health and fitness dreams that will optimise your training, improve your mindset, and Get A Grip of your Health & Fitness

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Mindset

Achieving your health and fitness goals only starts with the exercise. I am a firm believer in a multi-faceted approach to fitness, meaning that I will help you optimise other areas of your routine that will undoubtedly help you progress at a rate that you never thought possible…

This involves everything from tailored nutritional advice and accountability, to journalling and other techniques to help identify any negative thought patterns and reverse them into more positive thoughts and a growth mindset. Becoming a GPT Athlete not only means that you become physically stronger, but also equips you with a wealth of psychological tools to help you become a stronger, more resilient version of yourself!

Online Coaching

For those who would prefer a slightly different type of training, as of 2021 I am now offering Online Personal Training as part of my services. This includes ALL of the perks of normal GPT Membership, alongside extra FaceTime/Zoom Coaching calls to help keep you motivated and accountable to your Bespoke GPT Programme.

Furthermore, I want to Grow My Team of Athletes and expand to corners of the world that I am unable to reach as a face-to-face PT. Join an ever-growing community of likeminded, everyday athletes and Get A Grip of your Health & Fitness!

Positive and motivating. My Home workouts during Lockdown were perfectly tailored to me, I finish feeling as if I have definitely worked out. I am finding I’m working as hard if not harder than I was working at the gym. Harry has been keeping me on track throughout lockdown…

Sarah Sisson

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