My name is Harry, coach & founder of GPT…..

I have always been passionate about sport & exercise, having spent my whole childhood in one of three places: the Rugby Pitch, the Astro Turf, or endless sessions surfing in the sea back in Cornwall where my family is from!

When I was about 15, as I started to get more serious about sport, I was introduced to strength and conditioning in the gym as a means of improving performance on the rugby and hockey pitches. Regardless of whether it involved lifting, running, jumping or any other crazy form of movement, I just loved it!

After leaving school, my focus shifted from team sports onto me as an individual – particularly on long-distance running. Turns out the combo of being blessed with freakishly long limbs & a love of movement comes in handy for running…

The impact of my training, which later included strength training, on my mental and physical health has been truly incredible – and has ultimately got me out of some very dark places over the years…

Nowadays, I like to think of myself as your common-or-garden Fitness Freak – my passions lie in ultra-running & powerlifting. Often use the phrase “Lift Strong, Run Long” to describe the ethos when it comes to my own training…

Outside of the Fitness Space, I love spending time with the family, walking  my wee man Gus, and whipping out the trusty saxophone to chop some grooves at the Prince of Wales!

And you probably guessed I’m a big fan of tattoos & funky shorts 😋

Get ready to change your life, change your mindset, and get on the road to a healthier, happier you!

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