To say that Harry goes above and beyond would be an understatement…

Sarah Msalmi

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My experience with Harry has been outstanding from day one. He blows me away with your knowledge, he has the Patience of a Saint, and understands that everyone has a bad day from time to time..
I genuinely look forward to our Monday sessions. Your more than just a PT, H…

NaTasha Dray

Harry has been an absolute rock in my efforts to lose a bit of weight. During Lockdown, Harry helped me make small, sustainable changes that accumulated to allow me to eat more healthily and exercise regularly despite my physical limitations….

With the knowledge, support, and motivation that Harry has given me regarding my exercise and nutrition, I have managed to lose 5.3kg in 2 months!


From the first consultation, training with Harry was perfect! Made a plan to fit my specific requirements, giving short, medium and long term goals which I’m on my way to achieving.

In the space of 2 months results are coming through as strength is gaining quickly by focusing on form and technique! 

Laurie Daniells

Before coming to Harry I have had no experience of personal training. Harry has been super understanding recently in relation to myself not being able to train due to self isolation. Harry, has had a great understanding of what areas I would like to develop.

Also, he has developed a brilliant, well-thought out programme for my goals and I feel very confident that I will massively exceed my expectations of what I am capable of!

Georgia Jarrett

Positive and motivating. The workouts keep that tailored to me feel and I finish feeling as if I have definitely worked out. I am finding I’m working as hard if not harder than I was working at the gym…

Sarah Sisson

Well thought out and structured sessions with progressions/regressions factored in. The programme design is tailored to my personal goals. Every session is different as Harry provides variety both within the session but also when working same muscle groups by using different equipment and scaling the exercises accordingly. I never get bored.

Harry is super friendly and approachable. He endeavours to keep you motivated both inside and outside the gym.

Ghislaine Harland

Harry nails that combination of pushing you to excel and improve, whilst also being super friendly and approachable.

For the first time in a long (long) time I actually felt a sense of self-confidence at the gym. As a trainer, Harry actually focuses on you as a person and your well-being in addition to fitness, which I think is pretty marvellous

Lucy Gripper

Paulina Wookey

I was very impressed with Harry’s knowledge, and the thought he put into my fitness plan.

It was carefully targeted to my goals and I felt Harry had really listened to me and worked out a great varied, challenging programme…

Celia Boughton

Where do I start. Harry has changed my life. He is not only there for me as a PT, pushing me through and far beyond my comfort zone on my fitness journey but he’s an amazing listener and is always taking on board your thoughts and feelings. I have opened up to him about issues I have knowing he can understand and is happy to do what he can to assist me.

In the gym Harry is amazing. I have done things I would have laughed at the thought of doing before. I am stronger physically and mentally because of him and no longer fear the idea of working out in front of others on the gym floor.

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