Fellas, Let’s Talk… | Eating Disorders

The annual tradition of Movember is hard to miss. It has become a worldwide event that unites participants with a simple patch of facial hair, serving to spread the word of Men’s Health, both mental and physical. For me, this is a cause that lies very close to my heart: the work that Movember doesContinue reading “Fellas, Let’s Talk… | Eating Disorders”

Death to The Diet Culture: Why Your Detox Has Failed You (More Than Once…)

‘How do you lose weight?” ; one of, if not the, most common questions a Personal Trainer will hear from a client. The answer to this simple 5-word question is something which so many people spend years searching for answers in the crowded marketplace of fad-diets, outrageous detox programmes, and frankly ridiculous products that holdContinue reading “Death to The Diet Culture: Why Your Detox Has Failed You (More Than Once…)”

Lacking Motivation? 5 Ways To Re-Light The Fire

Let’s face it: things are utterly sh*t at the moment. For yet another unknown period to come, we are facing harsh restrictions in a last-ditch effort to control Covid-19. We know what that means: dusting off the not-so-dusty dumbbells from Lockdown 2.0, rolling out the yoga mat, and smahooooshing the home workout business. All wellContinue reading “Lacking Motivation? 5 Ways To Re-Light The Fire”

When Life Gives You Lemons: Making The Most Out Of Lockdown

On 4th of November of this ridiculous year, Boris Johnson and the invalids in Westminister decided to place this country into a second lockdown. Despite all of the science proving the safety of gyms and leisure centres concerning Coronavirus, the government decided to close us down for the 4-week national lockdown. I am not goingContinue reading “When Life Gives You Lemons: Making The Most Out Of Lockdown”

The Eyes That Are Always Watching : Living with Anxiety

There is no shame in admitting when things get a bit too much. Indeed, having the courage to speak up and vocalise your feelings to a friend, family member, or an impartial other (i.e. consultant, GP, anonymous helpline etc.) is one of the single strongest things you can do for yourself. In light of #MentalHealthAwarenessMonthContinue reading “The Eyes That Are Always Watching : Living with Anxiety”

Keep The Conversation Going: Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Mental Health is an issue that lies very close to my heart. Personally, I have had many friends and family members who have suffered with some form of mental ill-health; and I myself have had a pretty colourful past when it comes to problems in the upstairs department. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people inContinue reading “Keep The Conversation Going: Mental Health Awareness Week 2020”

3 Forgotten Facets of Health & Wellbeing

Want to get on the path to a healthier you? Then the World of Fitness on social media will undoubtedly offer two simple solutions : good nutrition and regular exercise. This is a bit of a shitter for two main reasons: number 1, ‘eat well; move more’ is a massive over-simplification of an array ofContinue reading “3 Forgotten Facets of Health & Wellbeing”

6 Reasons To Drop It Like It’s Hot On The Regular

Squats: you either love them or you hate them. If, like my good self, you have been blessed with ridiculously long limbs then you are probably of the latter persuasion; and if you are are on the smaller side, then you will generally be of the former opinion. Regardless of your relationship with the humbleContinue reading “6 Reasons To Drop It Like It’s Hot On The Regular”

The ‘Health-Halo’ Effect

Yesterday, whilst doing the weekly at Sainsbury’s, something dawned on me whilst perusing the extensive array of yoghurts on offer down the ‘Dairy Aisle’. That is the simple fact that preceeding any product name with the word ‘Organic’ is a sure-fire way to add an extra £3 onto the price-tag… ‘The word ‘Organic’ is oneContinue reading “The ‘Health-Halo’ Effect”