4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Workout

Gyms these days are completely stacked with gear. Every muscle you want to pound has its own machine, and most weights rooms are brimming with barbells, benches, and a full set of fixed-weight dumbbells. The quality of gear that we were exposed to on a daily basis (prior to the Covid pandemic) meant that everyContinue reading “4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Workout”

Struggling For Motivation At Home? Here’s How to Psych Up For A Savage Lockdown Workout…

Instead of a squat rack, you have the sitting room. Instead of the kettlebell, you have the kitchen. Instead of an outrageously handsome instructor giving you a kick up the backside to push yourself, you have the overwhelming urge to lie on the sofa for 12 hours bingeing that weird programme about tiger breeders onContinue reading “Struggling For Motivation At Home? Here’s How to Psych Up For A Savage Lockdown Workout…”

8 Ways To Sooth The Soul During Lockdown

Just over two weeks in lockdown has taken hold of the nation’s mental health. Every news item we see, every face we pass at the local shop, and every nervous trip to the supermarket seems to be infected with an overwhelming air of anxiety and uncertainty… And who can blame us? The headlines at theContinue reading “8 Ways To Sooth The Soul During Lockdown”

New To Running On The Reg? Here’s What You Need To Know….

The new lifestyle that has been forced upon us as a result of the coronavirus outbreak means that the majority of our day is spent confined by the four walls of our humble abodes. Being stuck in the confines of the not-so-great indoors has certainly started to drive me a wee bit crazy, but asContinue reading “New To Running On The Reg? Here’s What You Need To Know….”

6 Positives About The Coronavirus Crisis

It’s official: the world has officially pressed the ‘Pause’ button. Shops are closed, gyms are closed, and the cue for milk at the local seems to be an endless line of cautious humans hyphenated by an ominous 2 metre gap. Everyday on the News at 6, Miss Rayworth breaks yet another shocking headline about theContinue reading “6 Positives About The Coronavirus Crisis”

The Lowdown On Lockdown Nutrition

Life seems to be going a bit pear-shaped with the spread of Coronavirus. Our daily routines have been drastically altered, with the threat of the infamous infection causing all walks of life to be postponed, suspended, or simply cancelled. Government guidelines have meant that many of us are now practicing self-isolation and social distancing, andContinue reading “The Lowdown On Lockdown Nutrition”

Coronavirus : Fight Fear With Fitness

Everyday life is becoming more and more different by the day; shops are shutting temporarily, my beloved Premier League has been suspended until further notice, and the future of our world is known by none. With anxieties shared by people across the planet, never has it been more important to keep our physical and mentalContinue reading “Coronavirus : Fight Fear With Fitness”

The 5 Stereotypes Of Every Gym

Having spent a significant proportion of my 20 years on this earth in the gym, it is fair to say I have encountered more than a few fellow fitness fanatics in my time. There is very definitely an air of camaraderie in every gym, where everyone shares the same underlying motivations for being there: self-betterment.Continue reading “The 5 Stereotypes Of Every Gym”

Mind vs Reality : Negative Thoughts In The Gym & How to Fix Them

That first step into a busy gym can be one of the hardest steps to take in your life. You enter an unknown environment, surrounded by unknown others, doing an activity which is, to some extent, unknown. As you walk nervously towards the rack of dumbbells for the first time, every single person will haveContinue reading “Mind vs Reality : Negative Thoughts In The Gym & How to Fix Them”

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Going To The Gym

The first step into the Gym is very definitely the hardest you will ever take. Overcome that first hurdle, and it is downhill all the way to your health and fitness goals! I remember when I made that step into a public gym, feeling ridiculously nervous and constantly feeling like people were staring at meContinue reading “5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Going To The Gym”