5 Reasons Why Scales Aren’t The Best Measure of Progress

Numbers are a beautiful thing… When it comes to health and fitness, numbers have the power to bestow immense feelings of achievement and satisfaction. A simple record of everything from a 1RM Squat, to 5K split times, to number of reps completed on a funky AMRAP can immediately provide us with proof that our programmesContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Scales Aren’t The Best Measure of Progress”

5 Foods That Don’t Get The Credit They Deserve

When it comes to food, we very definitely live in a “Marmite Culture”. You have those foods that are passionately adored by supposed ‘Health Gurus’ (dinosaur kale, protein shakes etc.); and those that are emphatically condemned as the sole cause of global economic obesity (maybe a slight exaggeration…). Either way, we have evolved into aContinue reading “5 Foods That Don’t Get The Credit They Deserve”

Put The Gyms On Ice – The Verdict

If you haven’t been living in a hole for the past couple of days, you will have undoubtedly heard the news of what is being portrayed as “the biggest step forward in the return of normality”. On Monday, Boris announced the grand re-opening of the hospitality sector and other businesses on 4th July that haveContinue reading “Put The Gyms On Ice – The Verdict”

The Return of the Gym – A Guide to Training Post-Corona

Times of uncertainty call for response and adaptation. At the point of writing this, we in the UK are faced with the gradual phasing into our ‘new normal’ (‘scusi the cliche…). Most, if not all, have found some way of keeping fit during lockdown, be it taking up running, smashing an IG Live Workout, orContinue reading “The Return of the Gym – A Guide to Training Post-Corona”

Slim By Design – The Ultimate Setup For Success

Theory is ridiculously simple compared to reality. When it comes to achieving your goals, anyone can conjure the perfect nutrition and exercise programme on paper; yet when it comes to realising the plan of attack, life throws a spanner in the works and before you know it, you’re back to square one… Sound familiar? FearContinue reading “Slim By Design – The Ultimate Setup For Success”

Spring Clean Your Lockdown Routine with NEAT

The worst is behind us, crew; and lockdown’s end seems to be drawing ever nearer. If things keep going in the right direction, it shan’t be too long ’till we’ll be back in our rightful place: grinding out under some iron or busting some miles on our beloved spin bikes. In the meanwhile, as thingsContinue reading “Spring Clean Your Lockdown Routine with NEAT”


The World of Fitness loves its protein. It is by far the most discussed macro of the lot when it comes to chats about healthy nutrition. If I asked you to give me a word/phrase associated with “sports nutrition”, chances are you’ll hit me with something protein-related : “protein powder”, “whey protein”, “lean protein”. ProteinContinue reading “PROTEIN 101 : A NO-BULLSH*T GUIDE TO FITNESS’ FAVOURITE MACRO”

The Hollister Effect : A Plague Spread by Social Media

You are probably aware that this week, the 18th-25th May, is #mentalhealthawareness week in the UK. The TV Guide is ‘chocca with high profile celebrities collaborating as one to help strip the stigma of mental health issues, and we as a society have taken to social media to promote good mental health. As someone whoseContinue reading “The Hollister Effect : A Plague Spread by Social Media”

The Making & The Breaking Of Me

The Immense Power Of Human Movement One of the foundational laws of science states that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. I believe this principal applies to almost all walks if life; every pro has its con, every cloud has its silver lining, and every action we do as humans may serve anContinue reading “The Making & The Breaking Of Me”

9 Ways To Spice Up Your Daily Quarantine Run

Let’s face it, Lockdown is pretty f*cking grim. I needn’t go into all the negatives of our current situation, as you are all undoubtedly well-versed in the sh*t-heap that comes with all the restriction… HOWEVER, one of the single greatest things about lockdown is seeing so many people lacing up and hitting the roads forContinue reading “9 Ways To Spice Up Your Daily Quarantine Run”