The 5 Stereotypes Of Every Gym

Having spent a significant proportion of my 20 years on this earth in the gym, it is fair to say I have encountered more than a few fellow fitness fanatics in my time. There is very definitely an air of camaraderie in every gym, where everyone shares the same underlying motivations for being there: self-betterment.

Each individual gym-goer behaves differently when they hit the weights room, crack out a class, or tear up some rubber on a treadmill, but one thing’s for sure: you will no doubt see these 5 types of people wherever you choose to sweat your stuff…

#1 The Social Media Scroller

It always amazes me how much time people spend glued to their phones during a workout…

There is always a Scroller or two doing the rounds, spending their precious gym time scrolling through an endless tirade of memes, messages, and mind-numbing instagram stories for what seems like the entirety of their session. Furthermore, these guys love a good hashtag, and tend to take every opportunity possible to document their session on their countless social media pages.

If you see a bit of the Scroller in you, try turning your phone onto airplane mode during training; it’s amazing how much more you’d get done in a shorter period of time…

#2 The Grunter

Image result for gym gif

Some days, if you were to close your eyes in the weights area, it sounds more akin to a maternity ward than a fitness facility. Enter, The Grunter : the person who’s dulcit tones ring out ‘cross the entire gym with devastating force…

You’ll see a Grunter in the weights room, usually repping his/her exercises nice and slowly, whilst omitting a testosterone-fuelled roar after every rep. These peeps love a bit of time under tension, and milk every second of every set, and boy will those around know about it…

Alas, do not let the cries from the squat rack disuade you from the weights room; although the Grunters are loud of voice, their inner selves are usually all the more mellow.

Everyone loves the Grunter; a gym wouldn’t truly be a gym without one!

#3 The Old Timer

The Old Timer looks upon the Young ‘Un trying the latest and greatest variation of a classic exercise with a certain sense of disgust. They see the burly lad smashing a set of single-leg BOSU Ball Deadlifts and quietly lament the ignorance of excitable and adventerous youth…

Instead, he/she sticks to what they know works and has worked for God-knows-how-long : a proven method that has been refined over many years of training. The Old Timer’s technique is as close to perfection as you’ll see in the gym, having logged an eternity on their hypothetical FitBit’s!

In my experience, the Old Timer is a great person to turn to for advice; they are (usually) Wise Sages of training who know a fair few tricks of the trade when it comes to making progress. Never be afraid to approach the Old Timer; more often than not, they will relish any and every opportunity to shed their pearls of wisdom on their youngers…

#4 The Pump-Chaser

There’s always one…

The Pump-Chaser never misses Chest Day; indeed a session seldom goes by without a Barbell Curl or two, or a few sets on the Pec Deck. He is usually a he (not being sexist), and will usually sport a skimpy stringer, maybe of the Gold’s Gym variety, that barely covers the nips.

A fanatic of a good mirror flex, the Chaser will rarely miss an opportunity to gaze at his bulging biceps with unparalleled admiration.

Image result for flexing gif

Don’t be put off by their harsh, intimidating exteriors; as with The Old Timer, these guys more often than not will savour any chance to talk about training. However, some stuff that comes out of their mouth may have to be taken with a pinch of salt or two…

#5 The Cardio King / Cross-Trainer Queen

Finally, these Kings and Queens rule the roost when it comes to cardio, be it treadmills, bikes, or rowers.

Image result for treadmill gif

They have a tendency to spend all their time in the gym grounding out miles on the ‘mill, wearing one of many t-shirts acquired from many marathons gone by. They’ve mastered the art of plugging in and zoning out on a machine for hours on end, with a killer arsenal of banging tunes and pumping playlists at their fingertips.

However, these royals have a pathological fear of free weights; barbell-o-phobia, if you will. Put 26.2 miles of asphalt in front of them, and they’re breezin’ ; stick a dumbbell in their hand, and they’ll be more lost than a Tory in Lidl…

I used to be one, and I urge anyone who identifies as a Kings or Queens to expand your horizons, push out of your comfort zone, and delve into the wonderful world of weight training.

It’ll do you and your fitness gains the world of good…

The Final Word

A gym is the ultimate melting pot of many different types of personalities, and it’s what makes my job as a PT so great. Everyday I walk into work with the anticipation of meeting new people; a new face with a new story and new goals and aspirations that makes no two conversations the same.

Anyone who attends a gym is a winner in my book, and it is the bold characters that comply with the aforementioned stereotypes that make our World of Wellness all the more exciting!

Whichever stereotype you see yourself in does not matter; what matters is that you are at the gym, trying to make positive changes to your lifestyle and become the best version of You you can be 🙂

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